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Tools to make the most of your financial future

Managing the financial aspects of your life takes an investment of time and a desire to make the most of the financial assets available to you. Take the first steps in planning for your financial future.

Prepare for Retirement

Learn all you need to know about planning for retirement: How much you need to save, the best investments for reaching your savings goals, the advantages of tax-deferred investing and making your money last once you retire. Learn More

Save for College

Find information about popular college savings accounts, such as 529 plans, Coverdell Education Savings Accounts and federal and state financial aid resources. Learn More

Manage Retirement Assets

Investment returns, inflation, and health care costs are just a few of the challenges that retirees are likely to encounter as they strive to manage their cash flow over the years. This module contains valuable information on what you need to consider to successfully manage your assets after you've retired. Learn More

Finance Major Purchases

Whether you are shopping for your first home or looking to refinance an existing home, this section has what you need to know. Learn More

Understand Investing

This investing module covers important concepts such as asset allocation, diversification and managing investment risk. It also includes types of investments -- e.g., stocks, bonds and mutual funds -- and how to combine them through various life stages. Learn More

Plan for Life Events

Life is full of happy and not so happy times. Be financially prepared to face them all by learning about the financial implications of funding a child's college education, managing the transition to a new job and planning your estate. Learn More

Budget and Save

Learn valuable tips about creating and maintaining a household budget and saving for short-term and long-term financial goals, like retirement. Learn More

Evaluate Insurance Options

Learn the basics of life insurance policies and the importance of naming beneficiaries. Learn More

Manage Debt and Credit

This section includes important lessons about avoiding serious debt and maintaining a healthy credit profile. Learn More

Plan Your Estate

Learn about estate planning basics such as wills and trusts, as well as more complex planning structures such as charitable remainder trusts. Learn More
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