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Annuity Contribution

How Much Do You Need to Contribute to an Annuity?

Your retirement nest egg has the potential to grow more strongly if it is held in a tax-advantaged vehicle such as an annuity. But just how much it may grow will depend in part on how much you contribute. This calculator estimates how much you should contribute to a tax-deferred annuity to accumulate a specified amount in the future.

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What is your current age?

  1. 14
  2. 35
  3. 56
  4. 78
  5. 99


At what age do you plan to begin receiving payouts from the annuity?

  1. 59
  2. 66
  3. 72
  4. 78
  5. 85


How much do you hope to accumulate for your retirement needs in a tax-deferred annuity by the time you begin receiving income from the annuity?


What is your initial investment amount, if any?


How much do you expect to regularly contribute to your annuity?


How often do you expect to contribute to your annuity?

Which approximate annual rate of return do you expect to earn on the investments in your annuity?