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Early Payout

Thinking of taking an early payout from your employer-sponsored retirement savings plan? You may want to think twice. If you cash in your plan assets before you reach age 59½, you'll potentially face steep taxes, which can reduce your payout by as much as half its value. You'll also be undermining your retirement by no longer being able to grow your savings through tax-deferred compounding.

To find out just how much money you would potentially receive, after taxes and penalties, if you cashed in your retirement savings early, fill in the information below, then click Submit.

What is your current age?

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Is the plan a Roth or a traditional retirement savings plan?

What is the amount of tax-deferred retirement savings that you want to cash out?


If the plan is a Roth-style plan, how much of the withdrawal represents your contributions to the plan?


What is your federal income tax rate?

If your income is subject to state taxes, enter your state income tax rate.